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Wall Art by Stephen Carter
  • This delicious cold pressed oil is the climax of olive farming. No additives and no cholesterol make it a natural health food. This Single Estate oil is produced entirely on our family farm for your enjoyment. 500ml bottle.

  • A perfect pantry standby for adding spice to Italian, Indian or Thai dishes.

  • A gift basket containing a hand-picked selection of gentle, fragrance-free children's soaps & castile soaps by Heather Belle; facial cleansing bar from Infused Botanics; and Luxe Body Butter from Infused Botanics.

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    Unashamedly fresh, refreshingly tasty! Premium quality milk.

  • Dave will be delivering pre-ordered meat to Local Crop on Wednesdays and Fridays. Your order can be picked up the following day. TO ORDER CLICK PURCHASE. Diced Beef from Hunter Natural - free-range, grass-fed meat. Naturally antibiotic & hormone free! Cry-vac packed to seal in the freshness.

  • This 3 cheese platter pack is a great addition to your next cheese and wine night!

  • On average 290-320grams per brocolli head. In-season and freshly picked, our brocolli is a staple for many dishes, and a great way to get your daily serve of green vegetables.

  • 1Kg fine plain flour. Stone milled to ensures maximum retention of nutrients in the flour itself, in particular maintaining the integrity of the wheat germ oil in the heart of the grain.

  • Red cabbage, freshly picked and in season.

  • 2012 Royal Hobart Fine Foods Gold Medal A taste sensation drizzled over a strong cheddar or blue cheese. A must for any salad or with oil and crusty bread.

  • Turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It is beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis, Alzheimer's, auto-immune disease, digestive and immune systems issues, and more. 50g pre-mixed packet - just add hot water and steep.

  • Real Juice No Added Sugar No Concentrates

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Local Crop, Local Community

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