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Bananas, 1kg ($5.49/Kg)


Australian grown Cavendish bananas. Certified organic.

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$5.49 per kilo

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You can relax knowing that no-one has ever gotten fat by eating bananas. In fact, they can help to keep you trim because a medium banana has less than 100 Calories, about a third of what you get from 50g potato crisps (270 Cals), or a scoop of ice cream in a cone (300 Cals), and less than most chocolate biscuits. 

Bananas have a high satiety index, which means they are very filling for the amount of kilojoules they provide. For example, a medium fries has about 370 Cals, the same as three and a half bananas. Which will fill you up the most? You might be able to eat a burger after the fries, but could you eat a burger straight after three and a half bananas?


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Bananas, 1kg ($5.49/Kg)

Bananas, 1kg ($5.49/Kg)

Australian grown Cavendish bananas. Certified organic.

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