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Cabbage, red (quarter)


Red cabbage, freshly picked and in season.

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$3.00 per Quarter Cabbage

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Red cabbage grows as round heads, composed of tightly packed red to purple leaves with white ribs. It has a mild, slightly sweet flavour not found in other cabbages. The leaves of the red cabbage are tougher than the drumhead cabbage and are good shredded in salads or pickled.

Choose heads of cabbage that are solid and heavy for their size. Look for bright, compact, crisp-looking leaves with no wilting or discolouration. Store in plastic in the crisper section of the fridge for three to four days.

Serving suggestion: Red cabbage will give sauerkraut a lovely pink colour. Finely shred one head of red cabbage and one drumhead cabbage. In a very clean, large bowl, combine cabbage, three tablespoons sea salt, one to two cups water and juice from one lemon. Once the cabbage begins to shed juice, pack it into sterilised, prepared jars. Leave plenty of room at the top and be sure to submerge all of the cabbage in the brine. Squeeze fresh lemon juice over the top of the cabbage before sealing the jar. Set jars to ferment in a cool, dry, dark place for four to ten days, until desired tartness is achieved.


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Cabbage, red (quarter)

Cabbage, red (quarter)

Red cabbage, freshly picked and in season.

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